Best Roofer near Solon IA

Throughout the over sixty years we’ve been open, Five Star Home Improvement has established itself as the most reputable roofing and exterior home improvement experts in the Iowa City and surrounding communities like Solon, IA. We’re family owned and operated, too, so we understand that our Johnson County, Iowa homeowners and local roofing suppliers are our most important assets. We’re glad to help, whether a local needs a new roof, a reroof, new siding, a new gutter system, or any other exterior home improvement project.

Best Roof Company near Solon, IA

  • New Roof Installation

  • Storm Damage Roof Repair

  • Roof Replacement

  • Roof Repair

  • Hail and Wind Roof Repair

Why Choose Five Star Home Improvement

  • We’re more than just expert roofing contractors; we have the experience and technical knowledge to revamp your home’s exterior with new siding, windows, gutters, or whatever you need.
  • We’ve developed strong relationships with trusted roofing and other construction suppliers to provide our customers with the highest quality materials at a reasonable cost.
  • Our family owned and operated company was founded by a third generation roofer, so quality exterior work is in our blood.

Things to do in Solon, IA

Platted out way back in 1840, Solon is a quaint Iowa village with a classical Greek name evoking an elevated way of life. Solon was a Athenian poet and statesman, who would be astonished to know that the local high school mascot was named after his famous enemies, the Spartans. Over the long years of its history, Solon, IA has grown from a small farming village with under 500 people to over 2,500 residents as of the 2010 Census. Solon has a fun mix of rural, natural beauty and modern culture and activities available in the many nearby towns like Iowa City, Coralville, and Mount Vernon.

There’s some fun food and spirits to enjoy at Solon’s Big Grove Brewpub, and both local and visiting foodies can also have a great time at Frieda Kahlo Mexican Restaurant. Visitors and residents can also enjoy high end shopping at the nearby Coral Ridge Mall and other nearby shopping centers. If you ‘re in the Solon, Iowa area looking for outdoor activities, you have a ton of opportunities fo hiking, picnicking, and swimming. Nearby Lake MacBride has a large state park, a lot of water for swimming, boating, or fishing, as well as plenty of room for picnicking and camping.


Roofer near Solon IA completes another project

The roofing professionals at Five Star Home Improvement performed a successful residential roof replacement for a homeowner in Solon, Iowa.

The existing roof on the homeowner’s roof was beginning to show signs of wear, including cupping shingles and a leak had started in her guest bedroom near the closet. Her roof was also over 20 years old so it was definitely time for her to have it replaced.

She searched online and found our website. She was impressed with our services and testimonials so she gave us a call for an estimate.

We had another project in the area so we were able to inspect her roof that evening. We agreed that it was time for her roof to replace and we sat down to discuss options so she could decide which roofing style she wanted. She chose our Owen’s Corning 50 year duration shingles and asked us to get started as soon as possible since she was starting to have leakage.

We had an opening that Friday to get started. Our crew worked Friday and Saturday and had the job finished by mid-day Saturday. They first prepared the area for the removal of shingles, keeping the yard clean throughout the process, which greatly impressed the homeowner. They then repaired any areas that needed it. Next the put the new gray shingles on and her home looks fantastic.

A major wind storm came two weeks later that did significant wind damage to the Iowa City area, but her roof held strong!

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