Rubber Roofing

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Five Star Home Improvement LLC, Iowa City IA’s trusted commercial roofing company, has access to the highest quality flat roofing materials like rubber roofing membranes. These roof coatings are uniquely suited to the flat roofs common on industrial and retail buildings.

What is Rubber Roofing?

Rubber roofing, sometimes known as EPDM roofing, is a mix of rubber and plastic that is manufactured in sheets to cover flat roofs, often for commercial buildings but increasingly on residential homes as well.

Advantages of Rubber Roofing

  • Protection – While being very lightweight, rubber roofing membranes protect flat roofs from the elements like water, temperature extremes, fire, impacts, and even UV rays (with a white coating).
  • Insulation – Rubber has insulating properties, and rubber roofing allows for choice in roof decking and insulation underneath the roofing membrane.
  • Durability – Rubber roofing is very resistant to impact damage, which allows it to have up to a 50 year lifespan!
  • Ease of Installation – Since it can be installed either by mechanical fasteners or adhesives, the membrane is easy to install, contributing to a low cost.
  • Cost Effectiveness – Out of all the commercial flat roofing options, rubber roofing (specifically EPDM roofing) is the cheapest to install with the most ROI from energy savings over time.

Five Star Home Improvement: Rubber Roofing Experts in Iowa City IA

Owned by a 3rd generation roofer, Five Star Home Improvement is the most experienced commercial roofing company for flat roof coatings like rubber roofing.

If you want to revitalize the roof on your commercial building, contact us for a consultation about rubber roof coatings.

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