Not only is your roof one of the biggest investments in your home, but when done correctly, your roof can yield the biggest return on your investment. If your roof is failing, reroofing is a cost effective option compared to a complete roof replacement. But what is the difference between reroofing and a roof replacement?

What is Reroofing?

Reroofing involves a new shingle overlay being placed over the worn shingles. This helps to restore the look of the roof in addition to providing a protective layer to keep leaks at bay. Reroofing should only be done once, so if you have two layers of roofing in place already, reroofing is not a good option for your home. Reroofing is much quicker than a complete roof replacement because there is no tear-off involved.

When Reroofing Can be a Good Idea

Reroofing may be a good option if a homeowner has a roof that is nearing the end of its lifespan but it still remains in good shape overall. Minor issues, including leaks, might be present but no water damage, missing or soggy shingles, or excessive mildew/moss growth is present. If you are having the entire roof done, reroofing may also be a good idea for you.

When Reroofing Should Not be Done

Reroofing is not suitable for all situations. Because existing shingles are not lifted off during reroofing, it is not possible to see what the roof deck looks like underneath. Although many roof problems are spotted before the shingles are torn off, some problems are not evident if the shingles remain intact. When a new layer is added on top of an old one that has potential problems underneath, the problem is essentially band-aided but not actually fixed.

If only some of your roof needs to be repaired, reroofing may also not be the best idea because one section of your roof will then be thicker than the rest, which can be noticeable to the eye.

Reroofing can be a great option in some situations, but it can also cover problems that need to be addressed if not handled properly. To determine whether your roof is a good candidate for reroofing, contact Five Star Home Improvement today.

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