Storm Damage Alert


Insurance Roof Replacement Process: 7 Steps

Our experienced team of roofing experts can provide you with a COMPLIMENTARY storm damage roof assessment.  They will need to access your roof, as its very hard to detect damage from ground level.  Our process is outlined below:

  1. Contractor inspects roof
  2. Homeowner files claim
  3. Contractor meets with insurance adjuster
  4. Contractor looks over insurance estimate for accuracy
  5. Contractor installs new roof
  6. Contractor invoices insurance carrier
  7. Contractor issues 50 year warranty

Roofing FAQs

Q: What is my out-of-pocket expense?

A: Your deductible. The rest is paid for by insurance

Q: Can my contractor waive my insurance deductible?

A: No. That is insurance fraud (steer clear of any contractor offering to waive deductible)

Q: Do I need to get 3 bids for my insurance claim?

A: No. Insurance companies us pricing software that will estimate the cost of repairs. Show this estimate to your contractor to make sure insurance is covering everything they are responsible for.

Why Choose Five Star Home
Improvement Company

Five Star owner is a 3rd generation roofer whose family has been serving the area for nearly 75 years

Five Star is in the top 1% of roofing contractors in the country

Five Star was awarded Best Roofing Contractor in the Midwest 2022 by Owens Corning

Five Star is Platinum Certified and has the best roof warranty in the industry

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