Roofing Contractor near West Branch IA completes roof replacement

Roofing Contractor near West Branch IA completes roof replacement

Five Star Home Improvement is the leading asphalt shingle roofing contractor in West Branch, IA and surrounding and was contracted to do another total roof tear off and replacement project for a couple in the area.

The existing roof was showing major signs of age and was about 30 years old. There was significant granule loss from the shingles, curling and some bald spots with exposed asphalt. The homeowner was ready to have the roof replaced but didn’t want to go with just any roofing company. He wanted a roof that would last and really increase the value of his home. He sought local roofing contractors in the West Branch IA area by running a google search. We were not only the top result and he was extremely impressed with our 50 year labor and material warranty. He called us right away for a quote.

We scheduled the roof inspection for the next Tuesday. We discussed options, explained our warranty in-depth and showed him our options. He and his wife loved the Teak color in our Owen’s Corning 50 Year Duration Shingles and they agreed to the job. We fit them in for two weeks from that day.

Our crew arrived first thing on a Friday morning. We marked off the area below the roof to ensure safety for anyone nearby and had the existing roof off within a couple hours. We then installed their beautiful brown shingles. Since we are certified Owen’s Corning roofing contractors, we employ their nailing zone performance one every asphalt shingle installation, offering outstanding resistance to winds while deterring water infiltration and keeping the shingle layers in place.

The new roof looks fantastic and the homeowners love it. They thanked us for how professional our company was during the entire process and how much the roof updated the look of the house.

New Roof in West Branch IA (after photo)