Roof replacement in North Liberty due to hail storm damage

Roof replacement in North Liberty due to hail storm damage

A Johnson County homeowner found us through Google and gave our office a call about the roof damage that occurred due to the last hail storm. In addition to the storm damage, the roof had shingles curling up from old age, which resulted in multiple leaks. The entire home was in danger from water damage if something wasn’t done. Luckily, our roofing experts knew exactly how to help.

We performed a very thorough site examination to find all the problem areas, then worked closely with the homeowner and their insurance company so that it was a smooth claimes process for them. We understand that our customers are our lifeblood, so we take the time to help them out every step along the way. Once the insurance claim was approved, our roofing contractors sprang into work, first completely removing the old roof, and then installing a brand new asphalt roof from Owen Corning.

The customer was really happy with how quickly our experts performed the work, giving them a watertight roof well earlier than expected. Our North Liberty, Iowa homeowner was also very happy with the 50 year warranty because it covered both our labor and materials to keep their roof in tip top shape.

At Five Star Home Improvement, roofing is in our blood. We’re a family owned and operated home repair and installation company that was started by a third-generation roofer. We’re proud to serve in the Johnson County Iowa area, including North Liberty and Iowa City. We’ve been providing excellent home service in Johnson County for over sixty years and his local experience has taught us that our Iowan customers are the best.