Roof Replacement in Iowa City IA

Roof Replacement in Iowa City IA

Five Star Home Improvement is Iowa City’s top certified roofing contractor and installer, delivering ultimate protection to homes across the area. One customer recently contacted us after his gorgeous 2 story home with 2 car garage was affected by a big storm that came through.

The homeowner knew that his roof had storm damage. He could see at least three loose shingles from his mailbox after a large windstorm passed the day before. A neighbor of his recently had his roof replaced by us so he asked if they would recommend our company. The neighbor said we are the best of the best in the area and that he shouldn’t call anyone else, so he called us right away after he came inside from talking to him.

We ended up doing a total tear off and roof replacement on his single layer asphalt shingle roof. When we met him for the consultation, he expressed concern about another storm causing problems, including a leaky roof. We assured him that we use the highest quality products, including our Owen’s Corning 50 Year Duration shingles that he was eyeballing. We also told him about the nailing zone performance that we employ, which deters water infiltration, stands strong against high winds and keeps shingle layers from separating. That information in combination with our in-house service guarantee and double lifetime guarantee on our work sold him. He chose the Owen’s Corning 50 year Duration Brownwood shingle for his roof with an almond drip edge. To say his updated roof looks sharp with his already beautiful home is an understatement.

The homeowner and his wife are very happy with both the appearance of their home and the fact that they can rest knowing that it is fixed.

Roof Replacement in Iowa City IA (after photo)