Roof Company in North Liberty installs new roof

Roof Company in North Liberty installs new roof

As the best roofing installer in North Liberty, this most recent customer knew they could trust Five Star Home Improvement with their storm damage roof repair job.

A big storm blasted through the area and did damage to many roofs in North Liberty. One homeowner could not see any damage but knows the importance of making sure his roof is sound after big storms so he called us after getting a referral from a nearby friend. They recommended us for our exceptional warranty and quality materials.

He gave us a call to see if we could check out his roof for him. We happily agreed and arrived that afternoon as we were already in the area. We found several missing shingles that were not visible from the ground in addition to other cracked shingles. We recommended a complete roof replacement and he agreed. He asked us to go ahead and do the project as soon as possible to keep his home protected.

We started the end of the same week and first removed the existing roof and replaced the decking. We then put o the new roof – he chose a Black Sable 50 year Owens Corning Duration shingle with a white drip edge. The house looks fantastic and we assured the homeowners that their home is now safe from upcoming storms.

The home looks fantastic. The couple was thankful they felt taken care of from the beginning of the project to the end and they love the look of their new roof!

New Roof in North Liberty IA (after photo)