Roof Repair – Cedar Rapids, IA

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Roof Repair – Cedar Rapids, IA

Many factors can take a toll on your roof’s structural integrity, including inclement weather such as high winds, heavy rain, fallen trees, hail and damage from debris can lead to many problems if left untreated. Natural wear can also lead to the need of roof repair, roof leak repair, and maintenance. Five Star Home Improvement is the leading choice in roof repair in Cedar Rapids.

Types of Roof Damage

Just as there are several causes of roof damage, there are also several types of roof damage. We want our customers to have the best understanding possible about roof damage and what warrants roof repair. Here are some roof damage scenarios that can cause excessive problems if left untreated:

  • Moisture Damage: Although shingles are designed to stand up to large volumes of moisture, excessive moisture can lead to problems with some shingles. Although minor at first, these issues can spiral out of control quickly, becoming a significant problem if left untreated.
  • Sealant Damage: Sealants and adhesives are used to adhere shingles to a roof. They are made to stand up to weathering damage for many years but they can wear down eventually, leading to cracks that allow moisture to get in. Sealant damage can also occur from animals on the roof. Cracks and punctures can span across the entire roof surface, becoming a problem that could threaten a roof’s safety.
  • Underlayment Damage: A roof’s underlayment keeps the shingles in place and protects the interior of a home from structural problems. Damage to the underlayment is one of the worst roofing problems out there, causing a leaky roof and spreading leaks throughout a home in many unexpected ways.

If you have any of these issues or others, you should take action immediately to have your roof repaired. The professionals at Five Star Home Improvement are ready to make your home and the people and things within it safe again.