New Roof in Cedar Rapids

New Roof in Cedar Rapids

We took a phone call recently from a very nice gentleman from Cedar Rapids. He said he needed our help on his roof. When we asked how he found us he said he’d searched on Google and found our website to be helpful. He said his problem was shingles that were curling up and that his roof looked stained on the back side of his house. We said that could definitely be of service and arranged a time to meet.

Our crew was at his home in 3 days to inspect the condition of the curling shingles and the roof stain. Our inspection determined that a the roof on his home looked to be 20+ years old and was showing significant deterioration. The only cure that made sense in this case was a full roof replacement and to add additional venting for him. After we went through some shingle options, the gentleman chose a fantastic looking shingle that he’d hope would really make the curb appeal of his house better.

We tore off the old roof and replaced with an Owens Corning asphalt roof. Once we were finished, the client and his wife both expressed to us how happy they were with the results. The wife exclaimed, “The new roof looks fantastic. Our house is the best looking on the block!”


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