Storm Damage Repair

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Storm Damage Repair

From strong winds to scorching sun, heavy rains and significant snowfall, your roof takes a beating year round in Cedar Rapids. These weather events can damage your roof and even cause leaks that can cause problems with your home’s interior. If a storm has passed through your area and you notice any signs of storm damage to your roof, you should act quickly to pursue a storm damage repair specialist before further damage is done. Water damage can set in or additional storms can exacerbate problems created by the most recent storm.

Storm Damage Signs to Look For

Sometimes storm damage problems are quite noticeable, like dark spots on a ceiling or missing roof shingles. Wet walls, curled shingles, damaged roof flashing and more can also be signs that warrant storm damage repair. Here are more details regarding storm damage to roofing systems:

  • Shingle Condition: Missing shingles, granule buildup on shingles, dings/dents and more can be signs that you need a storm damage roof repair specialist to come take a look.
  • Sealant Problems: Look for loose or peeling sealant along the edges of the roof as well as along vents, skylights and chimneys.
  • Missing Flashing: Check the same penetration points listed above for missing flashing.
  • Water Damage: Water damage of any sort should encourage you to call a professional for help, whether it is in the attic or along your ceiling.

Sometimes roof-related storm damage is not as obvious. If you suspect storm damage, call in a professional roofing expert, like Five Star Home Improvement.