Reroofing –

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Reroofing –

The team at Cedar Rapids Five Star Home Improvement knows that a roof is one of the biggest investments you will make in your home. We also realize that when properly executed and maintained, it can also yield the biggest return.
When it comes to restoring a roof, what options do you have? You can have a complete roof replacement or you might want to consider reroofing.

What is Re-roofing? Cost to reroof a house?

Re-roofing is the most cost-effective and quickest way to restore your roof’s appearance. When your shingles start looking old but your roof is in otherwise structurally good condition, reroofing might be a better option than a complete roof replacement.
During the reroofing process, a new shingle overlay is placed on top of your existing shingles to restore your roof while adding a protective layer to keep leaks at bay.

Is My Roof a Candidate for Reroofing?

If your roof has one existing layer of shingles, it is likely a candidate for reroofing. If your roof has two layers of shingles previously installed, it cannot be reroofed again as it is prohibited by building codes to install a third layer of shingles. If you already have two layers of shingles on your roof and you feel your roof needs attention, a full roof replacement may be best.
Reroofing isn’t suitable for every situation. Since the current layer of shingles is not removed or lifted during the reroofing process, the roof deck is not examined. Despite the fact that numerous roofing problems are located before the shingles are removed, some problems cannot be seen when the shingles are intact. If a new layer is added to an existing layer of shingles on a potentially problematic roof, the reroofing process is only serving as a band-aid and is not fixing the actual problem.