Leaky roof repair near Hiawatha, Iowa

Leaky roof repair near Hiawatha, Iowa

Five Star Home Improvement recently performed a roof installation for a homeowner near Hiawatha, Iowa.  The home that the client owned needed roof repair. Leaks were taking place throughout the house and the roof was curling. Concerned about keeping his home from further structural damage and ready to tackle his roofing problem, he sat down at his computer and looked for a quality roofing contractor near Hiawatha IA. He found our site and liked our services and reviews so he gave us a call.

We agreed that it was time for a new roof and scheduled to come start the job the following Thursday morning. Our team got started right away on Thursday morning, tearing the existing roofing down to the base layer, installing new flashing and roofing felt before carefully installing the new Owen Cornings roof.

The customer was thrilled with how quickly we got the job done and was thankful that you couldn’t even tell when looking around his yard that a roof had been removed. He also expressed his gratitude for how much help they got from our team to make his new roof a reality. The house looks amazing now and the new roof comes with our 50 year warranty, which impressed the clients as well!

Thank you for giving Five Star Home Improvement the opportunity to serve your residential roofing needs!